Leather USB Flash Drives

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Leather Keyring Flash Drive
Leather Keyring USB Flash Drives with safety stud closures are made with high grade 2.0 memory chips
from $5.25 to $3.19 ea
50 min qty
Amos USB Thumb Stick
Amos USB Thumb Sticks are available in various colours
from $5.33 to $3.30 ea
50 min qty
Franky USB Flash Drive
Franky USB Flash Drives are just one choice of memory chip on these leather flash drives
from $5.73 to $3.54 ea
50 min qty
Leather Pouch Memory Stick
Leather Pouch Memory Sticks feature a protective leather pouch case
from $5.84 to $3.55 ea
50 min qty
Cheap Leather Flash Drive
Cheap Leather USB Flash Drives are quality IT products with a leather bound case
from $5.86 to $3.69 ea
50 min qty
USB Leather Bracelet
Leather USB Memory Flash Drives made from genuine top grade leather make terrific corporate gift ideas
from $5.95 to $3.23 ea
50 min qty

Simple, stylish and affordable sums up the below leather USB drives – available for bulk purchase. The appeal of these bulk value printed USB memory sticks made from leather comes from the fact they are not only extremely affordable, but also the fact they are practical and can easily be delivered to a large audience of your customers, even for businesses on a promotional marketing budget. Print your logo on these amazing leather USBs for a kick-start to your promotional campaign.