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Welcome to USB Flash Drives

We’ve been supplying promotional usb flash drives for many years and have gained a reputation for quality but cheap memory sticks with one of the best warranties in the industry. Depending on the style of USB drive you choose we can personalise them with either pad printing or engraving.

Our Popular USB Drives

Lannister Flash Drive
Lannister Flash Drives are just the right size to be economical custom Usb drives
from $6.40 to $4.38 ea
50 min qty
Corporate Flash Drive
Corporate Flash Drives in metal housing can come in choice of memory sizes
from $5.21 to $3.34 ea
50 min qty
Bamboo USB Flash Drive
Bamboo USB Flash Drives in range of memory sizes from 512MB to 8GB are eco friendly memory sticks
from $5.99 to $4.04 ea
50 min qty
Metal Key USB Flash Drive
Metal Key USB Flash Drives are a fun way to promote your business with plenty of advertising opportunities
from $5.76 to $3.88 ea
50 min qty
Custom Molded USB Drives
Custom Molded USB Flash Drives for promotional or retail use
from $8.16 to $5.78 ea
50 min qty
Cheap USB Flash Drive
Cheap USB Flash Drives in great range of assorted colours have a large customisable print area
from $5.21 to $3.34 ea
50 min qty
Promotional Memory Stick
Promotional Memory Sticks with silver body and chrome trim can be preloaded with your data
from $5.21 to $3.34 ea
50 min qty
Slim Card USB Thumb Stick
Slim Card USB Thumb Sticks are made from hard plastic and can be custom printed
from $6.05 to $3.71 ea
50 min qty
Brick USB Flash Drive
Brick USB Flash Drives are available in sizes between 512mb and 32GB
from $5.84 to $3.91 ea
50 min qty
Walnut Wooden USB Drive
Wooden USB Drives in choice of Maple Wood, Walnut Wood, Red Wood, Bamboo
from $5.53 to $3.66 ea
50 min qty
Cheap Wooden Flash Drive
Cheap Wooden Flash Drives are excellent low budget usb flash drives
from $5.71 to $3.81 ea
50 min qty
USB Flash Memory Drive
USB Flash Memory Drives come in a plastic housing and are great marketing tools for your next conference
from $5.21 to $3.34 ea
50 min qty

Our Newest USBs

The technological world we live in moves very quickly and new products are coming out all the time.
We do our best to keep up with the changes and so you'll always find our most recent products right here!

Square Shaped Thumb Drive
Square Shaped Thumb Drives are popular choices for marketing giveaways
from $5.71 to $3.81 ea
50 min qty
Silicone Band Thumb Drive
Silicone Band Thumb Drives are great for trade and mobility events
from $6.75 to $4.70 ea
50 min qty
Chilli PVC Thumb Drive
Chilli PVC Thumb Drives are hot and spicy advertising giveaway
from $6.95 to $4.84 ea
50 min qty
Silicone Wristband Thumb Drive
Silicone Wristband Thumb Drives are stylish promotional accessories and file
from $5.71 to $3.84 ea
50 min qty
Clip Style Thumb Drive
Clip Style Thumb Drives offer a long-lasting plastic construction and 512MB storage
from $6.40 to $4.34 ea
50 min qty
Hexagon Thumb Drive
Hexagon Thumb Drives are the best promotional solutions for your next campaign
from $6.10 to $4.14 ea
50 min qty
Click Button Thumb Drive
Click Button Thumb Drives are enticing promotional gifts for techie clients
from $5.99 to $4.04 ea
50 min qty
Mikael Memory Stick
Mikael Memory Stick Pen combine functionality and technology in one business gift
from $7.35 to $5.18 ea
50 min qty
Osman Thumb Drive Pen
Osman Thumb Drive Pens offer 512MB memory for important files
from $8.61 to $6.21 ea
50 min qty
Dylan Thumb Drive Pen
Dylan Thumb Drive Pens are executive ballpoint pens featuring a 512MB USB
from $7.28 to $5.10 ea
50 min qty
Carabiner Thumb Drive
Carabiner Thumb Drives are essential gadgets for your tech-savvy clients
from $7.85 to $5.58 ea
50 min qty
Robot Thumb Drive
Robot Thumb Drives offer expandable 512MB storage capacity
from $8.93 to $6.46 ea
50 min qty

We are based in Sydney and have supplied to many large corporate clients. No need to visit any other website. We've got you covered for all your cheap promotional usb flash drive needs! Our vast range of memory sticks has within it leather, eco friendly, plastic, pen and metal usb drives.

Let us take care of the finer details of your next promotional campaign or event with our quality USB thumb drives.

All of our USBs have quality high grade USB 2.0 memory chips & we have a proven track record of reliability.

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